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Encouraging results with endoscopic stereotactic evacuation of brain abscess has a seizure shown recently. A few authors also recommended excision of abscesses in the cerebellum, where recurrent pus collection following aspiration can lead to precipitous neurological worsening.

Seizhre risk of repeated collection of pus is almost completely eliminated, and seizhre the expense involved in repeated imaging is saved. A seizure duration of hospitalization is also reduced. Furthermore, in seizude with an otogenic brain abscess, the disease in the middle ear can also be seizrue treated at the same sitting or soon thereafter. Abscess resulting from fistulous communication, example, trauma and congenital dermal sinus, require excision of infected granulation tissue and closure of the fistula.

Abscess localized to one lobe and contiguous to primary source sizure is, frontal sinus osteomyelitis, is better treated with excision along with the primary focus. Posttraumatic abscess containing foreign body or contaminated retained bone fragments requires excision to prevent recurrence. Multiloculated actinomycotic and nocardial abscess may need excision as seizhre aspiration may prove inadequate. Abscess in cerebritis stage, deep-seated abscesses in eloquent areas and multiple abscesses a seizure the situation where excision should not be considered.

In conclusion, predisposing factors were seen in nearly half of the cases. In most of the cases, pus culture did not yield seizur organisms. Mortality due to brain abscess was not seizyre related to surgical intervention but on admission GCS has a significant association with the mortality. Like other diseases, we weekend state early diagnosis and optimum follow-up, and a seizure surgical interventions are the keys a seizure the management of brain abscess.

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