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Ashley Lehunewycz Post New photo #marrige in Puslinch, Ontario

Ashley Lehunewycz (@beautiful_healthy_reflections) new Photo, picture

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07:18am 12/07/2018
Congratulations @boss_mum_of_4 ! I hope you guys will have more blessings and lots and lots of love from the family. 💞💕
04:09pm 12/07/2018
@libertyandryan thank you so so much! 😘💖
Ashley Lehunewycz (@beautiful_healthy_reflections) Happy 10 Year Anniversary Alex Lehunewycz! My best friend, Husband , and super Father to 4 beautiful children! I can't beleive me made it! Heres to many many more! I love you! Forever and Always! xoxoxoxo💖💋😘 #marrige #anniversary #father 24 2 02:37pm 12/06/2018

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6 1 05:59am 03/24/2019
Love my sailor husband! So proud to be his wife 🚢❤️⚓️
18 3 05:43am 03/24/2019