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Thomas Dworak Post New photo #tulln in Tulln an der Donau

Thomas Dworak (@tom_dwox) new Photo, picture

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01:58am 02/11/2019
Beautiful!😍🔥Do you love sunsets?
02:47pm 02/11/2019
Simply superb
01:12am 02/12/2019
I really like this sky. Thanks for sharing this nicely captured photograph. I always save up some nice sky photos for my paintings as references. It is very appreciated!!🙌🙌
01:25am 02/12/2019
Wow really sweet image you took there, just awesome mood and colors, very nicely captures and at the perfect time well done, just the way I actually like it :). Keep them coming and have a a great day.
07:01am 02/12/2019
Awesome ! ☀
12:46am 02/13/2019
01:53am 02/13/2019
The pic looks amazing 👌 what do you think of my recent work?
07:00pm 02/19/2019
good post 👍