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P I N O 🐾 Post New photo #barkandbonemodel2019 in Dresden, Germany

P I N O 🐾 (@pino.story) new Photo, picture
P I N O 🐾 (@pino.story) Hello @barkandbonecollective team! My name is Jasmin and this is my little friend Pino! He’s a Jack-Russell-mix. We’re happy too hear that you’re looking for some dog-models! We’re really interested because for an international start of your company we could be a friend from Germany? 😊 Pino has never been a model for a company so it would be a new adventure for both of us! All the dogs in the hashtag #barkandbonemodel2019 are amazing so it will be difficult for you too choose your favourites but we would be so happy to be a part of your new story and business! So if your interested have a look at my profile. Thank you! ❤️ woof🐕 . . . . . . . . #jackrussellterrier #jackrussell #jrt #mydogiscutest #jackrussellfan #jackrussellstyle #jackrussellworld #jackrussellmoments #jackrusselllove 265 03:17pm 02/12/2019

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