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Fatih Biyikli Post New photo

Fatih Biyikli (@officialfatiheb) new Photo, picture

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07:41pm 02/12/2019
I liked your photos :) Greetings from other side of the world 😊
07:43pm 02/12/2019
wow your style is aweseome 😍❤️
07:43pm 02/12/2019
@cosknceylan thank you very much 😍❤️
08:10pm 02/12/2019
Very good photo because of the composition. I think just need some lighting in this photo then great! 😉
08:56pm 02/12/2019
The shot looks so lovely.. Maybe you can find some inspiration in my photos too!
08:57pm 02/12/2019
@luxury .gents.cars thank you very much!🔥 i will check your profile
09:07pm 02/12/2019
Fatih Biyikli (@officialfatiheb) be proud of yourself! Sweater: Asos Shoes: Vans 33 7 07:34pm 02/12/2019