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Bolsonaro Paterson Post New photo #thoughtfortheday in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Bolsonaro Paterson (@banjo.bolsonaro.paterson) new Photo, picture
Bolsonaro Paterson (@banjo.bolsonaro.paterson) Yesterday my coffee was bland, wasn’t amused. Last week someone was late to an appointment, wasn’t amused. Yet amidst all my (and your) meaningless gripes about the world, let’s be grateful for what we have. I love where I live, I got to eat today, yesterday, last week, all the weeks before - as much as I wanted and then a lot more. I can travel, I can move, I can sit down with friends, haul my ass to the gym, and wake up without really needing to survive. There’s a lot to be happy about - if we choose happiness #thoughtfortheday #happy #canberra #life #morning #grateful #earlybird #australia #australian #outdoors #home 404 10:16pm 05/21/2019

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