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Lizz Lang | Spiritual Advisor Post New video

Lizz Lang | Spiritual Advisor (@modernpersephone) Hey guys! We are making magic in the dark tonight! Due to bad thunderstorm storms this evening our electricity has been going on and off all day! Thank you to those who are waiting on reading and are being so understanding! I was able to make spell work happen tonight and it was kinda relaxing doing it in the dark with rain pouring outside! It felt spooky and I love spooky! Anyway tonight on the love alter we have two of our most popular spells. On the left who have our Talk To Me spell to open up the lines of communication and get my client and her love interest talking! On the right we have our forget me not spell to have her be on his mind every single second of every day! She will be all he can think about and they will push him even more to reach out to her. These spells go beautifully together! I love you guys so much! If you are dealing with these storms and flooding please stay safe and I am keeping you in my intentions! Thank you all for your love and support! 💛🌻 28 12:53am 07/12/2019